Lattice Effect
Hey guys,

New to the emulation world but having a strange issue with mine. Played through Ace Combat 5 recently one 1.3.1 with no real issues, upgraded the emulator to the 1.5.0 to allow me to get rid of some of the issues I was having (glitchy ground textures, etc.) However, I now have a strange crisscross pattern throughout the emulator. It doesn't appear in screenshots, so I figured it was something to do with the resolution, but even adjusting it down didn't seem to help.

Any ideas?

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Press F7 few times(if this is what I think it is)
You can take a screenshot of the while screen(PrtScr).
#3 a screen shot. Using the PCSX2 capture.
It's hard to see in a screen capture, but there is a very defined criss-cross pattern.
Yes,F7,the mode is saved into GSdx.ini so it will not go away by just restarting pcsx2

When you press F7 you will see in the console
GSdx: Set shader to:
Keep pressing it until it reaches 0

In GSdx.ini the option is "TVShader="
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Thanks friendo.

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