Little problem with the PM box
Not really a big deal because I can still empty the folder even if it says 0(and I already did)

It says that I reached its limit and it says "Total 200",but when I go to "Empty Folders"

It says that I only have 97 in the Inbox and nothing else(0 everywhere else)

When I go to "Sent Items",I have plenty of them in there

97 into inbox and 107 into sended but "Empty Folders: just say that I have 97 in total

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So the problem is that there are sent items but the "overall view" where you can empty the folder shows as 0 sent items?
It still work,it deletes all of the items but it shows that I don't have anything in any folder other than the Inbox and there I have 97
PS.I already delete them

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