Looking desperately for FFX cheats
Hey guys,

So I´m kinda desperate now; I was searching for a method to cheat on pcsx2 for hours. I eventually found this guide: http://www.reaper-x.com/2009/11/09/how-t...-emulator/

This would be a decent method for cheating but for some reason when I want to apply cheats, the emulator is able to find the cheat folder but states that no cheats are in there to be applied. What can there possibly for mistakes? Wrong raw codes? The problem also is that I`ve tried almost everything by now; even to convert the codes but nothing works. I also made sure to use codes for my version. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I`m looking for cheats for Final Fantasy X (PAL), mainly item cheats, that I have infinite amount of all spheres (clear sphere, hp spheres, super spheres, fortuna spheres, ...etc.). An infinite amount of all items cheat should do its job too.

So does anyone know how to apply these cheats? Where can i find the raw codes (PAL version!)?
Or is there an other option? Please help, I´m so frustrated : /

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You can also take a look at this editor.

It can give you tons of things and edit any weapon/armor the way to want them
awesome! thanks so much that really saved my life!

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