Low computer configuration
Okay so i have a 2006/07 laptop and i was wondering if their is any kind of plugins or configurations that could give me a playable speed in PCSX2,i'm not into heavy stuff like GOW or Gran Turismo,I'm only going to play WWE.

My specs are:

CPU:Intel Core 2 CPU T5200 (1.6ghz)

VGA:Nvidia Geforce 7400 256MB


OS:Windows XP SP3

Even if i'm going to play with ***** graphics its okay i just want to have a playable speed,thank you.

And the reason why i can't buy a new PC is that my parents are tight in cash so i don't want to bother them to buy me a laptop over feeding the house you feel me guys?


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your only hope lie there http://tinyurl.com/pcsx2v1
Alright i'll look it up,thank you.
WWE isn't actually that light, either.

Regardless of how low you reduce the graphic quality,
that processor's slow speed will rarely allow playable speeds.

Make sure GSdx is set to native resolution.
You could also try inputting a custom value lower than native. (e.g. 384x384)
That GPU isn't very strong, and there will be inevitable bottlenecks from it.

Try some Speedhacks.
That's about the best you can do for your CPU.
A few misc tweaks may help a bit for the occasional situation,
but through low resolution and Speedhacks you'll see about as good as that game will get.
1.6 ghz and u want to play wwe ...ur game lagg like hell seriously ur cpu is main bottleneck in thise case ....ok play ur game in native resol, enable speed hack, use frameskipping (its work ok with wwe games) frame to skip-2 and to draw-4..
Thank you all for responding,and i know WWE Games are not that light but i did follow the configurations that The Old Refuge suggested and i now get 30-38FPS In game when playing Here Comes the pain,main menu and everything runs a strict 60FPS and gameplay is 38FPS.

I didn't think it will be like this but i'll try more tweaking.
Try my settings also ..
Good news that Frame Skipping did actually do something and now i get a playable speed BUT its like the game jumps from frame to frame,i can feel a playable speed but the frame is like jumping from one to another i don't know how to explain it,i tried disabling Speedhacks and it was the same,any help?
Frameskipping means they skips the frame of fmvs(or smting like that)...so speedhack nt effact him.....
my settings are your best bet, I've been doing this for years

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