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MEMORY_MANAGEMENT error issues on my pc, I think PCSX2 emulator is to blame
(05-11-2016, 01:54 PM)Ryudo Wrote: 16GB GDDR5?  Interesting RAM you got there..

Aside from that, what did you use to test your RAM, did you test it inside Windows or did you use a boot program to start the testing tool first?
And did you test each stick individually, or did you test with both sticks (or more) inserted at the same time?

I tested both of the sticks on MemTest86.  Should I take one out and test it individually?  No errors found.   
My RAM is DDR4-2400; RipJaws V.  I switched the slots this afternoon.  Sorry for the confusion, I copied that from Windows.

(05-11-2016, 07:36 PM)bomblord Wrote: It's a Windows 10 issue. I know someone who has the exact same set of BSOD's and has never touched PCSX2 or anything like it. Even a complete re-install only fixed it temporarily.

Try updating your bios and disabling potential problem causing features.
Update drivers for all of your components GPU, CPU, Ethernet Adapter, Wireless Adapter, and anything related to anything that might be going on during the crash.

Do you know if the Dev's on Windows 10 are aware of this?  I am probably going to have to stay away from PCSX2 until this is resolved on my pc or windows fixes this :-(.

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If you're using Windows 10, they know Smile
Hi all, here is an update on my computer situation:

I have not had any BSOD ever since 5/12/2016; a day after I uninstalled PCSX2. I am somewhat confident that the crashes were due to drives on my motherboard and system devices in which I've manually checked each one in device manager and updated them if updates were available. I am planning on trying to download PCSX2 this weekend sometime to see if these crashes do come back. Are there any settings on the PCSX2 anyone would recommend in my situation when I do re-install it?

I contacted my motherboard manufacturer and they offered to exchange my motherboard for a new one but I want to see if the crashes return on my motherboard first. Heck, there could be other programs out there that may crash my computer due to drivers. (If anyone has any program recommendations, please let me know).

The only game issues I had playing PCSX2 on my pc was the background music in Megaman X7 was playing very fast. Not sure if that has anything to do with my situation or not but I wanted to throw that out. The couple games I did play (Megaman X collection, Ys, and some treasure puzzle game) worked ok except on some occasions, I would see either see like a quarter of the screen flash some black. I also do remember right before the crash in Megaman Collections, megaman's color was off.
PCXS2 is great stress test for system, my PC used BSOD in PCSX2 after while cause I had unstable OC at one point.

My money is on Bad Ram or bad motherboard, recent put together a PC for my uncle that was doing same thing, ram cam back fine, so I rma'ed the mb  the system has been fine since.
Never had any issues on my end after upgrading to 10 recently - expected something to screw up lol

I have G.Skill Ares 8GB DDR3-2400 running at 1600 b/c my CPU and mobo don't support the full speed  Tongue

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