Mainmenu is looping after save created
I'm sorry if this is stupidly simple, but I can't figure out this problem...

I can load up the game fine and get to the main menu
[Image: pcsx2-r53502013-04-3019-43-47-40.png]
I hit my start key (Enter) and it asks me if I want to create a save slot
[Image: pcsx2-r53502013-04-3019-28-30-46.png]
and then it asks if I want to play the game.
[Image: pcsx2-r53502013-04-3019-28-33-50.png]
but when I hit yes (or no) it returns me to the main menu "Press START" screen and repeats the save spot thing when I hit start again.

I have checked the compatibility tables and Gunslinger Girl Vol. 1 is completely compatible and it appears that other people are not having any problems with it...
If you could walk me through a few possible things I might be doing wrong I would really appreciate it!
Thank you in advance!

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could you please post the emulog.txt ?
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Since it is a Japanese game it probably has x and o inverted. which button are you using to select "yes" or "no" option?
Thanks Leaper, that's the problem. I figured it'd be something simple like that.

That's kinda strange that the X and O buttons are switched......
I feel kinda stupid for not figuring this out myself, but I also don't see how I would have known to try that. lol

Case closed. Smile
It's always this, lol.

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