Manhunt 2 - need Help

I have a problem - I am trying to run Manhunt 2 USA on my PC. But I can't get normal FPS to play. This man says :, that he played Manhunt 2 in 50-60 FPS!! This one can play this game in 40-50 FPS :

My PCSX2 settings are same like here :

When i start a game, i can only see movies in normal FPS. Everthing other is very laggy, about 1fps and i stuck in menu :

My PC :
Core2Duo E7200 2.53GHz
Gigabyte HD4850 512MB

Please, tell me what can I do to make Manhunt 2 run better, i will be very very happy. Thanks! Sorry for my English

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Please, help me. I realy need to play this game.
you need a faster pc, and more patience!
Manhunt 2 has ingame issues still.
check :

it is like 1-5 fps in hardware mode and 15-30 in Software mode! Blink

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