Medal Of Honor:Frontline how do i run it?
Hello, ive' downloaded the software so i can run my original medal of honor: frontline game that i have, i tried using youtube how to and stuff and it dident work.
any one can help me tell me what to do? please help...
EDIT: the problem is that i cannot use my mouse and keyboard
edit2: i use pcsx2 0.95 because i dont know what a BIOS is so help?

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download 0.9.8 there is no support for 0.9.5 here
after you downloaded it read the configuration guide
BIOS is Basic Input Output System you should only take the BIOS from your own PS2
you need PS2 BIOS so you can run pcsx2
yes i can run it!
it's a bit buggy but stilll yay!

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