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Full Version: Medal Of Honor:Frontline how do i run it?
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Hello, ive' downloaded the software so i can run my original medal of honor: frontline game that i have, i tried using youtube how to and stuff and it dident work.
any one can help me tell me what to do? please help...
EDIT: the problem is that i cannot use my mouse and keyboard
edit2: i use pcsx2 0.95 because i dont know what a BIOS is so help?
download 0.9.8 there is no support for 0.9.5 here http://forums.pcsx2.net/Forum-Program
after you downloaded it read the configuration guide http://forums.pcsx2.net/Forum-English-Guide
BIOS is Basic Input Output System you should only take the BIOS from your own PS2
you need PS2 BIOS so you can run pcsx2
yes i can run it!
it's a bit buggy but stilll yay!