MegaMan X Command Mission Cutscene Audio Desyncs
Here is the overview of the problem. I downloaded pcsx2 just for the hell of it to see if the computer I'm on right now, my backup one, could run anything, to my surprise after going through a hour of wondering why I couldn't pop my disc in and play (Never had used a emulator to play my games before, was just a why not moment.) and eventually making a iso of the game, it ran perfectly, running at a smooth 60 frames (sometimes jumping as high as 71 frames) a second, aside from one problem, cutscenes were always laggy at start, it would usually drop to 45-47 frames at the start then get back to normal after a few seconds.

A upped the ee cyclerate to max and vu cycle stealing to 2, and that problem was solved, cutscenes ran at the same rate as the game, also changed it to direct3d 11 (hardware), not sure if it helped anything but I figured since I can run using it, wouldn't hurt.

Now the only problem I'm having is that after about 10 seconds or so, the cutscenes become desynchronised, not by much, mind you I havent really hit a cutscene that was more than 30 seconds to seel if it gets worse, but after 10 seconds you can clearly see it is as the audio will stop about a second before the characters stop talking.

I did some more searching the forum after that to see if I could find a fix to the issue, turned syncronizing mode to none since I saw a post that said speedhacks + that could cause a similar issue and setting it to none seem to have fixed it for somebody else, it helped slightly, but not that much. It was set to timestretch at first, I tested async mix before setting it to none and that was better than stretch.

I changed from portaudio to xaudio 2 but that didn't affect it at all.

At one point I tried zerospu2 and that was slightly better, only about half a second of delay, but the audio sounded like crap with it echoing half the time and getting what I could only describe as audio artifacting, spikes here and there, but not very loud.

So at this point, I'm making this thread in hopes anybody has some ideas.

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you could try adjusting the latency
[Image: gmYzFII.png]
[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
decreasing speedhacks could help.
you have set them quite high, and that kind of issue is expected.
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I did reduce them, and it got me back to laggy cutscenes as I said, mind you I reduced both of them, havent yet tried just 1 at a time and see what happens. Any more ideas, I'll get a few them go through them all in one shot.
They need to run 60fps ntsc or 50 fps Pal to be full speed, 45 fps out 60 is gona net slow down, in both sound and video, weather framelimter is on or off. and anything faster then ntsc/pal fps will result in they play to fast both video and sound special when you hit 100+ fps

pcsx2 frame limter is needed to keep thing in sync.

Also might help if you give us your pc specs
I tried adjusting latency, I doubled it and that seemed to help at the end as the audio ended closer to when the characters stopped, but a few seconds before you clearly see it was out of sync, setting it to as low as I could did absolutely nothing.

As for speedhacks, turning vu to normal just made them lag again, but turning just ee to default left the game running perfect cutscenes to, with the audo being in sync at the end, but was out of sync in the middle of the cutscene.

And I havent disabled the framelimiter.
likes i said give us specs, also if it jumping to 71 you dont have framelimiter on, that or your getting false fps reading cause of using EE/VU cycling hacks.
Take no offence to this, but as the game runs fine and the cutscenes were running fine except lag for the first second or 2, I fail to see how specs come into the equation. Perhaps you're looking for a way to blame this on something you can't possibly help out with so you don't have to involved in the problem, even though there is nothing forcing you to post on this thread.
because it helps? it even mentioned in the stickies no one reads around here particularly people that just make accounts which you obviously didnt read or you would posted it to being with. dont come here presuming you know all when your the one asking for help.

Speedhacks especial EE/VU cycle CAN and WILL break things including sync, graphics and compatibility of games which mention on the same page of EE/VU to begin with.
tsunami2311 tried to help you before... So why not just answer his/her question?

What kind of synchronization mode do you use in spux-2? Async mix or timestretch?

Edit: Sorry just read your first post again. Would stick to timestretch if you are interested in synchronization. Would not believe that somebody solved synchronization issues using no synchronization.
If you don't want to tell us your specs you should tell us if you are only cpu-limited or gpu-limited as well. Can you tell the EE% and GS% readings during synchronized sound and during cutscenes with desynchronized sounds?

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