Memory Card Moving
Hello i am new here sorry if there is already threat about dat and about my bad english.

My question is how can i move my save state or memory card from 1.5 to 1.7files is is there any solution for it i tried copy memory card files from 1.5 to paste 1.7 it doesnt worked? Thanks!!!

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what makes you think it doesn't work ?
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When you run any game,check the console what cards pcsx2 is trying to load(names and location)
When pcsx2 contains memory card in (documennts/pcsx2/memory card) like dat the copy paste work's but when u download the latest version of pcsx2 the memory cards files contain in the program own files i mean u dont install anything dats why memory cards files in the same files of program (not there documennts//pcsx2/memory card) in that situation copy paste is not work i try to learn the reason of that. and ofc i enter game check load after copy/past then i said copy past doesnt work.
If there is a file named portable.ini in the pcsx2.exe directory,that means you are running the portable version which load the card from the memcards folder where the pcsx2.exe is

If you used the installer version of 1.4.0 before,then 1.6.0 is using a different folder in documents
1.4.0 - Documents\PCSX2 1.4.0\memcards
1.6.0 - Documents\PCSX2\memcards
i using portable version and i know the memory card folder is in the pcsx2.exe folder also, and this tactic doesnt work for portable version and u can be sure i paste the memory cards files the correct place in portable version. but it work at installer version Laugh this is weird.
this thread can be closed i fix my problem i just deleted the all files and extract it again and paste my memory card files from 1.5 to 1.7 it worked thanks for who tried to help me. Laugh

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