Memory usage of pcsx2-r1456 and up
Is this normal.The lastest version that I compiled closest to r1456 is r1449 and here's the memory usage.

When I only start pcsx2:
Newer than r1449 - it goes from 330 to 550(+220mb ram)
Older than r1456 - form 330 to 380(+80mb ram)
When I start a game
Newer than r1449 - it takes + 170 and up,my ram usage goes to 720 and little by little to 800mb
Older than r1456 - it takes + 200mb ram,my ram usage goes to 580

330=>580 and up to 600
330=>736 and up to 800 and maybe more

No hack are enabled,everything is on default and ZeroSPU2 is muted,tried with GSdx-r1462/r1331 and GSnull

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Yeah, normal. We're working on it.

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