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Metal Gear Solid 2
Ah okay. Well i've gone through the configuration guide and have set the adjustments you advised so i'm just testing it now.

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have you tried VU cycle stealing at LV-2??(a little caution a fake FPS reading expected)

*actually that game is a megathrust demanding even my i5-2500 and a HD5750 has series of slowdowns during some certain area and cutscenes.
critically during the harrier and MG-RAY rescue event...causing an Knockdonwed framerate from 64fps to a single digit fps.

*what stage in you in now?tanker or plant?
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This is one that takes a bit more that just the right setttings, in my experience.
Some parts will just prove a PITA.

Look to a faster processor.
Overclocking can be a cheaper alternative,
but don't expect to even match tallbender's i5-2500,
with any realistic clockrate for yours.

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