Mobile Suit Gundam: Lost War Chronicles - File not found
Tested using various svn4xxx and 5363 (the latest svn I have), it always returns with File not found. Path: SLPS_250.26;1 error (strange since it's ID supposed to be SLPS-25123).

It doesn't get any error and runs just fine in svn3xxx however.
Intel Core2Duo E4500 @ 2.2GHz x 2GB DDR2 RAM x XFX Nvidia Geforce 8600GT

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I remember something about some small anti-piracy protection made some time ago(around 0.9.9) based on the fact that many pirated copies using something off Dead Or Alive 2.;p I absolutely weren't interested in what exactly it checks, but SLPS-25026 - by google that's DoA2 code and seeing it on not DoA2 game = you are most likely a pirate;p.
My PS2 came with a pirated copy of FFX as a bonus disc (Don't blame me because it was the seller who took the responsibility. I was an innocent victim of software piracy Tongue). When I tried booting the game in 0.9.8, the log window showed it as Dead or Alive 2.

Now I have a genuine copy of FFX. I make a backup of it on a DVD-R. My PS2 reads it well. PCSX2 does, too, and it shows correct catalogue number.

I know it is a bit off topic but why pirated disc makers don't use a genuine disc as a source to make their copies? And what does DOA2 have to do with pirated PS2 discs? Weird, isn't it?
I guess running backups wasn't always soo easyTongue, anyway checking my "sensational" information, there wasn't really any serious pirate check implemented.
From looking at it I guess it only applies the fix which is needed for DoA2H to work, serious fix applied to wrong game = broken game that's all;p. I remembered it as pirate check couse Sudonim that added the DoA2H fix mentioned something about pirate copies using DoA2 codes.

Anyway that copy is most likely pirated, and we shouldn't really give support for it.;3

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