Mortal Kombat Deception - Konquest Mode Character can't move
hello everyone

i have weird bug i think, the character in Konquest Mode can't move, the only thing he can do is punching and sitting

i search for this bug before i post anything and i found this:

but i don't get any solution for it

by the way, the D-pad works fine in menu and  in  every mode i don't have problems

i have 2 versions of the game because i thought its a bug in one of these versions but still it have the same thing

i have Xbox one controller

my settings for the LilyPad in the Attachments

please help.


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It looks like D-Pad was set on another controller...

See the last "[Detached]" device next to d-pad binds? Try removing them set them again.
[Image: iq2O9Ya.jpg]
it said "[Detached]" Because i Capture the picture without connecting my Controller

but its work well in every mode except for Konquest Mode
But it doesn't say that for any other key which means that the dpad is set to another controller and that controller is recognized as DirectInput device not XInput like the rest of the keys

Just to be sure,while pcsx2 is not running,go to the inis folder either in the pcsx2 directory where the exe is or in Documents and delete the lilypad settings.Start pcsx2 and configure all of the keys(I think I had some strange problem with lilypad before and it was fixed only by deleting the settings)

I think pcsx2 automatically set the keys if it detects XInput controller at first run and if the keys are already set when you go to the settings,just to be sure clear all of the controls and set all of the keys

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