My system specs, wondering if good enough.
PSx runs pretty slowly for me when I try to play ratchet and clank so I was wondering if it was my system specs or maybe I didn't set something up right.

So my specs are this
ATI RADEON 5700 Series - Graphics card
AMD Phenom™ II X6 1055T Processor (6 CPUs), ~2.8GHz - CPU
4 gigs of ram

not sure if anything else is relevant, but if it is just ask.
So I was wondering if I should be able to run games with good speed or not, and if I am what would be making it run slowly.


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Good enough for many games especially GPU, but your cpu is a bit weak for those more demanding ones, Ratchet and Clank is most likely one of them. You could use latest svn build with MTVU hack which let's pcsx2 use another heavy thread, but it would still be only 3 cores in use. Anyway official svn builds: get it and try MTVU under speedhacks and maybe it'll help a bit.

Generally individual core computing power is much more important than amount of cores for pcsx2(and most other things including current pc games). Soo you kind of overpaid for that cpu unless you use some heavy proffessional applications that have use of those cores as PII x4 or even x3 with clocks above 3ghz would simply be faster. And if you could get an intel cpu it would be even bigger difference.
Overclocking will be your friend big time, if your willing to try it. While not a black edition CPU (no simple '1-click' overclocking) you should still be able to get an extra 10-15% overclock with little effort, that coupled with the SVN PCSX2 listed above should get you full speed in most compatible games.
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You will need to overclock your Processor up to 3.5 to~3.7ghz range if u want constant 60fps (with minor hiccoups mostly cutscenes) for R&C games. i should know (look at my sig for specs).

also i wouldnt use a SVN version of pcsx2. i have 64bit windows and i dont see any speed increase over the stable 0.9.8 version. i actually see slowdowns with the 0.9.9 svns...

Also if u havent enabled speedhacks on it i suggest you do so. on my system i can get away with EE - 0 and Bump the VU up to 1. and i have all the other options on the bottom on except quick cd loading times.
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(10-08-2011, 12:51 AM)Teufel9000 Wrote: i wouldnt use a SVN version of pcsx2. i have 64bit windows and i dont see any speed increase over the stable 0.9.8 version.

Depends on the game. There are games that are as much as 15% faster compared to the 0.9.8 stable, and if you factor in the MTVU speedhack then 0.9.9 SVN is just much faster.
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