[ NEED HELP] Optimal Settings for Tekken 5
Hi im quite new to this thread.. its my first time to try PCSX2.. (because way back, i really lost hope about running PS2 games in my PC).. after viewing some videos on tube sites though, i can see some hope for improvements..

im using pcsx2 0.9.6 installer which i got from the site's download page...

my question now is.. what is the optimum and hopefully best graphical settings for my pc?


- Intel Pentium e5200 2.5Ghz @ 3.5Ghz
- 2 x 1GB Geil DDR2-800mhz @ 4-4-4-12
- Sapphire Radeon HD4770 512mb 128bit GDDR5 Slightly Oced @ 830 core / 850 mem
- Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit
(will not post the other specs since i think they're irrelevant already)

right now im getting around 100-150fps in tekken 5 in menus / character selection screen... but during fights i get only around 35-42fps..

additional questions:
1. i can still push my CPU overclock to around 3.8Ghz (even 4Ghz if i want to..but hell no,its summer in our country at the moment and i dont wanna deal with high temps), but will it reasonably increase frame rates?

2. i see 4 equally spaced vertical lines on my widescreen.. how to remove it? its kinda annoying.. im using a 24" Full HD LCD..

3. which bios is better to use for the game? the USA or JAPAN bios? i have the USA bios at the moment.. but i can dump a JAPAN bios from my old PS2 should there be any need for it...

4. Right now im using the tekken 5 iso which i created out from my game dvd, and mounted it on daemon tools and selected the corresponding drive in the ISO Plugin. Does this method affect speed? or is this the best method?

thanks in advance to those who can answer my questions. Smile

it may be a lot to ask, but i guess its the right thing to do instead of putting up multiple threads for my queries..

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1. Yes
2. Lower gsdx internal res
3. doesn't matter
4. this is the fatsest method.

now you still may use Linuziso to avoid using third party soft like daemon tools. Wink
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RAM : 16 Go
2) You need to use some specific resolutions to make it go away (or use native). I think 1260x1260 or 1200x1200 or 1270x1270 see which works
4) Do not mount it, run it directly with Linuz ISO as jesalvein suggested since it can and will cause crashes in some cases that way

To get more speed, I'd suggest getting the latest PCSX2 beta and December 30 plugin pack and using the newer GSdx included there:
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Thank You Guys!

Im running my Tekken 5 now at fullspeed ... without any issues... Smile

hehehe playing with the tweaks is really hard but rewarding after you were able to find the best configuration..

last question though: tekken 5 is running nicely but i noticed the ingame text when doing a combo is not shown anymore.. how do i make to show onscreen again?
Doesn't sound like an emulation problem to me. Maybe you can check it somewhere in the settings?

ive tried playing with speed hacks but to no avail..

i would really love to see that combo counter.. that'll make my game at its most perfect...
Hi all

I'm new to this forum so don't be too harsh on a newbie.

It has been years since I've started working on getting my games played on my PC.
I've set everything all by myself and I have only one problem with Tekken 5.

when I play Devil Within mode my controller acts awkward: It keeps pressing d+f and the camera stick keeps pressing u+f

Other than that everything works perfect.

Please help meeeeee.

It's been years that I want to play this game since my PS2 broke down when I bought the game.
Did you try searching for that issue in the forums? I'd guess try changing the round modes in "config > advanced" settings., maybe the clamp modes too.
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ExclI tried everything. every controller plugin. even the graphics but that didn't help.

Jin still keeps running on circles.

and by the way character customization acts exactly the same way.
the character keeps spinning and spinning.Blush
never mind... I found a solution.

I have a twin usb controller and the problem was axes of the second one.

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