NTSC Famerate Help
I have tested the PAL and NTSC versions of Ratchet Gladiator/Deadlocked that i borrowed from my friend in the UK and i have had better speeds in the PAL version of the game because the default speed of the game is 50 fps but the NTSC version runs at the maximum of 60 fps and I really like the NTSC version because it has extra features such as secret cutscenes and progressive mode and in general it is a much better port but i want to make the game run at a default of 50 fps but i have been unable to do it correctly without causing any issues with the timings of the game dispite my research of trying to run NTSC games in PAL format so can someone please help or provide me with any way or solution to get this to work

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Search the web for an ntsc to pal patch, you might be lucky Tongue2
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You can try this
The last digit of value in Potential Code is the mode type
Setting 2 will set the mode to NTSC and setting 3 will set the mode to PAL

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