Nasty memory card PCSX2 bug
Hi guys. There is a nasty bug within the PCSX2 memory card manager menu. The memory card manager, for some odd reason, keeps auto ejecting my memory cards. It doesn't matter which one I insert, it just ejects it.

This bug(?) appears to be triggered after running the PS2 System bios. Once in the bios, if you go to "Browser" and browse your MC, it reads the saves on the card just fine. But...if you go back to the memory card manager within PCSX2 and proceed to restart the emu, or just restart the system, you'll start encountering a weird bug where it ejects any card you place in either slot 1 or slot 2.

I have tried with cards of all sizes. Cards that I know are fine and NOT corrupted in any way. I've also been able to recreate this bug on *TWO* different PCSX2 installs:....v1.7.2715-windows-64bit-SSE4(a fairly old build) and v1.7.2866-windows-64bit-AVX2-Qt(a most recent build).

Can you please look into this issue, or let me know if perhaps I'm doing something out of the ordinary that's causing this problem? I've never encountered this problem before, but then again....this is the first time I've opened the PS2 System bios menu to look at the memory card files.

For what it's worth, my memory card folder has 9 .ps2 memory card files within it. Not sure if that would affect anything or not.

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Seems like having too many memory card files in the mem folder may be causing the issue. I've reduced it to 3 and haven't had any problems since then. It's either that, or there was a specific type of save file I had in there, that caused it.
Can you be a little more specific,something like a step by step guide
Either I am not doing it properly or I don't have such problem here
If that's actually a bug,I don't get any messages about the cards being ejected(the cards are ejected and inserted when you are loading a save state and that's normal(there is also an option for that but there is a reason why the cards are ejected when loading a save state but after that they are inserted)

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