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Need Help
Hello everyone, I have a little problem, I'm playing FF VII Dirge of Cerberus and created a .bat extention to directly open the game, my problem is that although opening it does not work the translation into my language. if I open the emulator first works it, but if I open with the .bat .... translation does not walk.

echo off
ff.exe start ff.iso

echo off
ff.exe start --nogui ff.iso

(ff .exe is the emulator you, renamed for the .bat accepts me)

both probe and nothing I could explain why this happens?

and since I am here to thank the group of programmers who made the emulator.

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problem is you need to make a full boot for this game to be in the desired language.
I don't think a full boot option is available in command line.
though, I may be wrong...
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u said the magic word "full boot" thanks man, now work the script

echo off
start ff.exe --nogui --fullboot ff.iso

Laugh thanks. problem fixed.

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