Need Help to cheat GT4 using PCSX2 0.9.7
Hello, i have read a much to cheat in Gran Turismo4 , but it doesn't function =(.

First I got a Cheat for CodeBreaker V7.0+ like this:

1 Billion Credits
673D0E13 9B57D16C

In next step i had convert it to raw with CB2crypt v1.3 to this:

1 Billion Credits
20A1FCA8 57F6985E
20A1FCAC 7A726F70

Another step was to copy the raw code to PCSX2CE
The Code now looks like that:
//1 Billion Credits

The GameTitle is this: Gran Turismo 4(PAL-Unk)[SCES-51719]
and the CRC is 0086E35B.

When PCSX2 starts there is written that 2(??) Cheats have been loaded, is it right towards this point? If yes, how can I use this cheat in game now?

Thanks in Advance

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That code is for the USA version(not for your version and that's why it's not working)

Try this(I don't know if it will work)
//1 Billion Credits
How can i know if the code ist for USA Version or for Europe Version?

Ask Google.
From where did you get that code?
I just searched in google for "673D0E13 9B57D16C" and the first result was the same code and it says that the code is for the USA version
Ok good idea thanks Smile
Must i press a key to activate cheats or what should i do then?
Like I said,I don't know if the code will work.
There is more than one PAL version of that game and maybe the code is not exactly for your PAL version.

If the console says that the 2 codes are loaded and you don't get 1 billion,then the code is not for your version(no you don't have to press anything to activate it if the console says that 2 codes are loaded)
where you find that cheat? it works great Smile
Hello do you know a cheat for

Lap Modifier? e.g. Always 5Laps...i didn't find a working one =/

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