Need help finding an option...
I made a mistake and set my emulator to reset automatically every time i change isos, i need to turn that option off so that i can swap isos without reseting. Were can i find that option? when i checked it it was one of those warning pop ups that says "dont ask me again", so i got no idea where to turn it off.

Im using the latest version. Thanks

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While PCSX2 is turned off, edit PCSX2_ui.ini inside inis folder and under "[PopupDisablers]" delete this:
where *option will be the one you selected last time.

Then just save and run pcsx2;3, popup will be enabled again.
Thanks!, nice prinnie avie btw Laugh

Im sure you know but Look forward to what nisa will port in 2013 ( D2 and that ZHP-like game )

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