Need save file! - Kingdom Hearts 1 (Original US version) From Agrabah
Hi guys. 
Anyone got a save file for this game? I managed to finish Agrabah, then my memory card died. 
*Sigh* Don't wanna start from scratch.

Thank you in advance!

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Are you on emu or real console? You said your memory card died, so real console?

I would recommend starting over if on a real console, you can just zone out and browse online or read a book or something while the cutscenes play. It wouldn't take long.

Some speedrunners can finish Agrabah in like 1 hr, 10 mins (they skip cutscenes because they play the HD remix versions, but that still only means 1 hour, 10 min of gameplay). Since you know how the game works and where to go next, you could get back to that point in prolly 3-5 hours.

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