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No interlacing codes
I was asked to share this, so here we go
As you know pcsx2 implements correctly interlacing, which means that field rendered games will exhibit a shaky blurrier image compared to frame rendered games. Pcsx2 implements different de-interlacing options but still the final image is not the same as a progressive scanned game.
The codes bellow will remove this shaking and the blurriness associated with this, giving the game a stable image. You cand disable de-interlacing option in pcsx2(video plugin setting interlace set it to none).
Effectively we are patching the sceGsSetHalfOffset routine(luckily Devilmaycry had debug symblos left in) which is responsible for the shifting image which is necessary on a CRT to give the illusion of higher resolution.
Since people will ask how to make these codes and not everybody is comfortable with assembly(these code are, like most of my 60fps codes, assembly hacks) I devised a method for people lacking assembly knowledge.
The method worked for the following games(check included pnach), I don't know if it will work 100% for others.
When the game is running you search(the search range of course is the PS2 emulated RAM) for the following hexstring 08004264 or a 4 byte value 64420008. You should find one or two. This value is the hex for daddiu v0, v0, $0008 which is part of sceGsSetHalfOffset. We just need to nop this instruction.

Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore SLUS_200.71

64420008 is found @003962fc so the code is
203962FC 00000000

Devil May Cry has an addtional code because that game implements a software blur as antialiasing.

Ridge Racer is using a custom routine, so code is different

Attached are codes for
SLPM_620.45 Jikkyou J.League Perfect Striker 3 CRC = 0x6A4BE9E7
SLPM_620.40 Jikkyou World Soccer 2000 Final Edition CRC = 0x1110976A
SLUS_200.71 DOA2: Hardcore CRC = 0x23AF6876
SLUS_202.16 Devil May Cry CRC = 0x79B8A95F

SLUS_200.02 Ridge Racer V CRC = 0x06AD9CA0
SLUS_200.35 Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance CRC = 0x773A8DAB
SLUS_202.12 Bloody Roar 3 CRC = 0xAA4E5A35

SLUS_200.69 The Bouncer CRC = 0xFEE23E8F

SLUS_201.13 Driving Emotion Type-S CRC = 0x1FCC0CFB
SLUS_200.79 Dynasty Warriors 2 CRC = 0x5B665C0B
SCUS_971.12 Extermination CRC = 0x0AE679AF
SLUS_203.88 Fatal Frame CRC = 0x339A0B8C
PAPX_902.03 Gran Turismo 2000 CRC = 0x55CE5111
SCUS_971.24 Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy CRC = 0x1B3976AB

SLPS_250.33 Kaze no Klonoa 2: Sekai ga Nozonda Wasuremono CRC = 0x1645DE53
SLUS_200.58 Moto GP CRC = 0xB9BD4B3B
SLUS_200.90 TimeSplitters CRC = 0xB4A004F2

SLUS_203.07 Burnout CRC = 0x4783F7ED
SLUS_204.71 Rygar: The Legendary Adventure CRC = 0x3E2A42FA

P.S.: I will not make any other code nor take requests, I just shared this because a few people showed interest.

Attached Files
.pnach   6A4BE9E7.pnach (Size: 33 bytes / Downloads: 23)
.pnach   23AF6876.pnach (Size: 33 bytes / Downloads: 18)
.pnach   79B8A95F.pnach (Size: 138 bytes / Downloads: 19)
.pnach   1110976A.pnach (Size: 33 bytes / Downloads: 16)
.pnach   06AD9CA0.pnach (Size: 33 bytes / Downloads: 6)
.pnach   0AE679AF.pnach (Size: 68 bytes / Downloads: 3)
.pnach   1B3976AB.pnach (Size: 68 bytes / Downloads: 2)
.pnach   1FCC0CFB.pnach (Size: 68 bytes / Downloads: 2)
.pnach   5B665C0B.pnach (Size: 68 bytes / Downloads: 2)
.pnach   55CE5111.pnach (Size: 33 bytes / Downloads: 2)
.pnach   339A0B8C.pnach (Size: 33 bytes / Downloads: 2)
.pnach   773A8DAB.pnach (Size: 33 bytes / Downloads: 2)
.pnach   1645DE53.pnach (Size: 68 bytes / Downloads: 2)
.pnach   4783F7ED.pnach (Size: 33 bytes / Downloads: 4)
.pnach   AA4E5A35.pnach (Size: 33 bytes / Downloads: 3)
.pnach   B4A004F2.pnach (Size: 33 bytes / Downloads: 2)
.pnach   B9BD4B3B.pnach (Size: 140 bytes / Downloads: 2)
.pnach   FEE23E8F.pnach (Size: 68 bytes / Downloads: 3)
.pnach   3E2A42FA.pnach (Size: 68 bytes / Downloads: 3)

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