No interlacing codes
As you know pcsx2 implements correctly interlacing, which means that field rendered games will exhibit a shaky image(jumping up and down) compared to frame rendered games. Pcsx2 implements different de-interlacing options but still the final image is not the same as a progressive scanned game.
The codes bellow will remove this shaking, giving the game a stable image. You cand disable de-interlacing option in pcsx2(video plugin setting interlace set it to none).
Effectively we are patching the sceGsSetHalfOffset routine(luckily Devilmaycry had debug symblos left in) which is responsible for the shifting image which is necessary on a CRT to give the illusion of higher resolution.
Since people will ask how to make these codes and not everybody is comfortable with assembly(these code are, like most of my 60fps codes, assembly hacks) I devised a method for people lacking assembly knowledge.
This method will not work for every game.
When the game is running you search(the search range of course is the PS2 emulated RAM) for the following hexstring 08004264 or a 4 byte value 64420008. You should find one or two. This value is the hex for daddiu v0, v0, $0008 which is part of sceGsSetHalfOffset. We just need to nop this instruction.

Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore SLUS_200.71

64420008 is found @003962fc so the code is
203962FC 00000000

Ridge Racer and others are using a custom routine, so code is different.

There are two type of interlaced games. Both types operates with 240p frontbuffers, but while some operates with 240p backbuffers, others will downsample from a 480p backbuffer for some sort of antialiasing and performance reasons. For these latter categories games the codes will display this higher res 480p backbuffer(in the case that everything is rendered to this buffer).

Edit by bositman: Supplementary list of more no interlace codes collected in one post by devina:

Attached in the thread are codes for
  1. Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies SLUS_201.52 CRC = 0xA32F7CD0
  2. Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War SLUS_208.51 CRC = 0x39B574F0
  3. Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War SLUS_213.46 CRC = 0x65729657
  4. Aero Elite: Combat Academy SLUS_206.14 CRC = 0x9729A03A
  5. Alpine Racer 3 SLPS_201.81 CRC = 0x771C3B47
  6. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance SLUS_200.35 CRC = 0x773A8DAB
  7. Battle Gear 3 SLPM_654.34 CRC = 0xAC9F1FC0
  8. Bloody Roar 3 SLUS_202.12 CRC = 0xAA4E5A35
  9. Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter SLUS_204.99 CRC = 0x588CC41B
  10. Burnout SLUS_203.07 CRC = 0x4783F7ED
  11. ChainDive SCPS-15054 CRC = 0xCEB33A1B
  12. Champions of Norrath SLUS_205.65 CRC = 0x90E66BC5
  13. Champions: Return to Arms SLUS_209.73 CRC = 0x4028A55F
  14. Chou Dragon Ball Z SLPS_256.42 CRC = 0x197E9907
  15. Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex SLUS_202.38 CRC = 0x103B5706
  16. DOA2: Hardcore SLUS_200.71 CRC = 0x23AF6876
  17. DOA2: Hardcore SLPS-25026
  18. Dark Cloud SCUS_971.11 CRC = 0xA5C05C78
  19. Devil May Cry SLUS_202.16 CRC = 0x79B8A95F
  20. Dino Stalker SLUS_204.85 CRC = 0x3FBF0EA6
  21. Disney's Treasure Planet SCUS_971.46 CRC = 0xB489E1CD
  22. Drakengard SLUS_207.32 CRC = 0x9679D44C
  23. Driving Emotion Type-S SLUS_201.13 CRC = 0x1FCC0CFB
  24. Dynasty Warriors 2 SLUS_200.79 CRC = 0x5B665C0B
  25. Enthusia Professional Racing SLUS_209.67 CRC = 0x81D233DC
  26. Extermination SCUS_971.12 CRC = 0x0AE679AF
  27. Fantavision SCUS-97105 CRC = 0x40372109
  28. Fatal Frame SLUS_203.88 CRC = 0x339A0B8C
  29. Final Fight: Streetwise SLUS-21238 CRC = 0x7985D894
  30. Genji SCPS_150.95 CRC = 0xB4776FC1
  31. Genji: Dawn of the Samurai SCUS-97471 CRC = 0xD71B57F4
  32. Gitaroo Man SLUS_202.94 CRC = 0x7130C553
  33. Gran Turismo 2000 PAPX_902.03 CRC = 0x55CE5111
  34. Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec SCUS_971.02 CRC = 0x85AE91B3
  35. Gregory Horror Show SLES_519.33 CRC = 0x412D44E8
  36. Heavenly Guardian SLUS-21653 CRC = 0x96E01504
  37. Hungry Ghosts SCPS-15046 CRC = 0x91AA4B28
  38. ICO SCUS_971.13 CRC = 0x6F8545DB
  39. Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy SCUS_971.24 CRC = 0x1B3976AB
  40. Jikkyou J.League Perfect Striker 3 SLPM_620.45 CRC = 0x6A4BE9E7
  41. Jikkyou World Soccer 2000 Final Edition SLPM_620.40 CRC = 0x1110976A
  42. Kaze no Klonoa 2: Sekai ga Nozonda Wasuremono SLPS_250.33 CRC = 0x1645DE53
  43. Kinetica SCUS-97132 CRC = 0xD39C08F5
  44. Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color SLUS-20593 CRC = 0x6CE0EEED
  45. Maximo vs Army of Zin SLUS_207.22 CRC = 0x8CF7CBC0
  46. Maximo: Ghosts to Glory SLUS_200.17 CRC = 0x0958556B
  47. Moto GP SLUS_200.58 CRC = 0xB9BD4B3B
  48. MotoGP 2 SLUS_202.85 CRC = 0x586EA828
  49. MotoGP 3 SLUS_206.25 CRC = 0x46B7FEC5
  50. Mushihimesama SLPM_660.56 CRC = 0xF0C24BB1
  51. Nightshade SLUS-20810 CRC = 0x519E816B
  52. Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny SLUS_203.93 CRC = 0x5848889C
  53. Onimusha 3: Demon Siege SLUS_206.94 CRC = 0x6BF11378
  54. Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams SLUS_211.80 CRC = 0xFE44479E
  55. Pac-Man World 2 SLPS_251.41 CRC = 0x049BF05D
  56. Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy SLUS-20688 CRC = 0x9C71B59E
  57. R: Racing Evolution SLUS_207.21 CRC = 0xC6DDDB74
  58. Resident Evil: Dead Aim SLUS_206.69 CRC = 0xFBB5290C
  59. Ridge Racer V SLUS_200.02 CRC = 0x06AD9CA0
  60. Rocky SLUS_205.59 CRC = 0x2DBC5095
  61. Rygar: The Legendary Adventure SLUS_204.71 CRC = 0x3E2A42FA
  62. Sega Rally 2006 SLPM_662.12 CRC = 0xB26172F0
  63. Sengoku Musou SLPM_655.17 CRC = 0x19487E13
  64. Sengoku Musou: Moushouden SLPM_657.18 CRC = 0xDBD2230B
  65. Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer's Call SLES_533.63 CRC = 0xAE0DE7B7
  66. Shinobi SLUS_204.59 CRC = 0xBFCC3E7E
  67. Siren SCUS-97355 CRC = 0xD6C48447
  68. SkyGunner SLUS-20384 CRC = 0xA9461CB2
  69. Sly 2: Band of Thieves SCUS_973.16 CRC = 0x07652DD9
  70. Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves SCUS_974.64 CRC = 0x8BC95883
  71. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus SCUS_971.98 CRC = 0xC77AF2CA
  72. Street Fighter EX3 SLUS_201.30 CRC = 0x72B3802A
  73. Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut SLPS_258.42 CRC = 0x8409FD51
  74. Tales of Legendia SLPS_255.33 CRC = 0x1F8640E0
  75. Tekken Tag Tournament SLUS_200.01 CRC = 0xE84C9242
  76. Tenchu: Fatal Shadows SLUS_211.29 CRC = 0xA33AF77A
  77. Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven SLUS_203.97 CRC = 0x767E383D
  78. The Bouncer SLUS_200.69 CRC = 0xFEE23E8F
  79. TimeSplitters SLUS_200.90 CRC = 0xB4A004F2
  80. Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 SLUS_208.31 CRC = 0x0F932D81
  81. Tokyo Xtreme Racer DRIFT 2 SLUS_213.94 CRC = 0xB32E018E
  82. Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero SLUS_201.89 CRC = 0xC1760287
  83. Trapt SLUS-21255 CRC = 0xDCFBB290
  84. Virtua Fighter 4 SLUS_203.23 CRC = 0xEA131B57
  85. Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution SLUS_206.16 CRC = 0xC9DEF513
  86. WRC: World Rally Championship SLUS_204.19 CRC = 0x5838E074
  87. Wipeout Fusion SLUS_204.62 CRC = 0x4C2D1E6D
  88. Ys I & II: Eternal Story SLPS-25206 CRC = 0x4497BAFB
  89. Zone of the Enders SLUS-20148 CRC = 0x8CB179A6

Attached Files
.pnach   6A4BE9E7.pnach (Size: 33 bytes / Downloads: 3.066)
.pnach   23AF6876.pnach (Size: 33 bytes / Downloads: 3.172)
.pnach   79B8A95F.pnach (Size: 138 bytes / Downloads: 3.302)
.pnach   1110976A.pnach (Size: 33 bytes / Downloads: 2.052)
.pnach   06AD9CA0.pnach (Size: 33 bytes / Downloads: 3.152)
.pnach   0AE679AF.pnach (Size: 68 bytes / Downloads: 2.330)
.pnach   1B3976AB.pnach (Size: 68 bytes / Downloads: 5.090)
.pnach   1FCC0CFB.pnach (Size: 68 bytes / Downloads: 2.166)
.pnach   5B665C0B.pnach (Size: 68 bytes / Downloads: 2.372)
.pnach   55CE5111.pnach (Size: 33 bytes / Downloads: 2.198)
.pnach   339A0B8C.pnach (Size: 33 bytes / Downloads: 3.121)
.pnach   773A8DAB.pnach (Size: 33 bytes / Downloads: 3.257)
.pnach   1645DE53.pnach (Size: 68 bytes / Downloads: 1.993)
.pnach   4783F7ED.pnach (Size: 33 bytes / Downloads: 2.644)
.pnach   AA4E5A35.pnach (Size: 33 bytes / Downloads: 2.755)
.pnach   B4A004F2.pnach (Size: 33 bytes / Downloads: 2.555)
.pnach   B9BD4B3B.pnach (Size: 140 bytes / Downloads: 2.072)
.pnach   FEE23E8F.pnach (Size: 68 bytes / Downloads: 2.435)
.pnach   3E2A42FA.pnach (Size: 68 bytes / Downloads: 2.382)
.pnach   767E383D.pnach (Size: 33 bytes / Downloads: 2.929)
.pnach   A33AF77A.pnach (Size: 68 bytes / Downloads: 2.935)
.pnach   C77AF2CA.pnach (Size: 68 bytes / Downloads: 3.699)
.pnach   0958556B.pnach (Size: 33 bytes / Downloads: 2.526)
.pnach   8CF7CBC0.pnach (Size: 33 bytes / Downloads: 2.546)
.pnach   07652DD9.pnach (Size: 68 bytes / Downloads: 4.009)

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cool , thanks for this
continue for another games
Very good approach to a real hassle. Nice Smile
I have a little bit of free time, you can request games
(08-07-2018, 10:38 AM)asasega Wrote: I have a little bit of free time, you can request games

Tenchu Fatal Shadows/Wrath of heaven please.
Well i'd like to thank you first of all. I know many people adore the 60fps and widescreen hacks (myself as well), but the ability to get rid of at least the more excessive interlacing effects is also a huge benefit to the image quality. This topic could do with some extra attention and praise.

I've been enjoying Jak & Daxter using the code you made for it, and it improves the game immensely. Thankfully the two sequels don't appear to require any work, they even have a progressive option. I wanted to try the Klonoa 2 hack, but I don't have the Japanese version (only the US one, which the code doesn't work on).

The Sly Cooper trilogy is another case of having severe interlacing problems. Both Maximo games also suffer the same as well.
System- Custom Build
CPU- Intel Core i5 4670K @4.2ghz
Memory- 8GB DDR3
Video Card- EVGA Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB
OS- Windows 10 Pro x64
Updated the list with the requests.
I don't have access to the NTSC-US release of Klonoa2, someone will have to port it.
Can't attach more to the first post, so rest is here.

Attached Files
.pnach   8BC95883.pnach (Size: 68 bytes / Downloads: 2.920)
.pnach   A5C05C78.pnach (Size: 68 bytes / Downloads: 2.249)
.pnach   4C2D1E6D.pnach (Size: 33 bytes / Downloads: 2.055)
.pnach   B489E1CD.pnach (Size: 33 bytes / Downloads: 1.575)
.pnach   EA131B57.pnach (Size: 68 bytes / Downloads: 1.667)
.pnach   6BF11378.pnach (Size: 37 bytes / Downloads: 2.490)
.pnach   5848889C.pnach (Size: 193 bytes / Downloads: 2.565)
.pnach   197E9907.pnach (Size: 37 bytes / Downloads: 1.633)
.pnach   FE44479E.pnach (Size: 37 bytes / Downloads: 2.574)
.pnach   C1760287.pnach (Size: 115 bytes / Downloads: 1.599)
.pnach   0F932D81.pnach (Size: 37 bytes / Downloads: 2.550)
.pnach   103B5706.pnach (Size: 76 bytes / Downloads: 2.023)
.pnach   72B3802A.pnach (Size: 76 bytes / Downloads: 1.902)
.pnach   90E66BC5.pnach (Size: 37 bytes / Downloads: 1.995)
.pnach   4028A55F.pnach (Size: 37 bytes / Downloads: 1.817)
.pnach   BFCC3E7E.pnach (Size: 37 bytes / Downloads: 1.870)
.pnach   412D44E8.pnach (Size: 37 bytes / Downloads: 1.356)
.pnach   AE0DE7B7.pnach (Size: 37 bytes / Downloads: 3.381)
.pnach   588CC41B.pnach (Size: 154 bytes / Downloads: 1.845)
.pnach   3FBF0EA6.pnach (Size: 37 bytes / Downloads: 1.155)
Thanks for the codes. Here's a before and after.


So I assume these can be added like any normal patch to the archive?

Side note: Isn't interlacing "sharper" in some games due to the developers' implementation of it or is that only really noticable across platforms? Digital Foundry did a video on interlacing somewhere but I can't find it.
Thanks for the fulfilled game requests! I just tested them out and they look fantastic.

(08-08-2018, 06:38 PM)CK1 Wrote: So I assume these can be added like any normal patch to the archive?

Side note: Isn't interlacing "sharper" in some games due to the developers' implementation of it or is that only really noticable across platforms? Digital Foundry did a video on interlacing somewhere but I can't find it.
Yeah these are just normal pnach files, you can add the lines of code to existing cheat files if you want to combine them. Though personally I like to keep my widescreen cheats separate from the 60fps or no interlacing codes (there are separate folders for regular cheats and widescreen cheats).

The interlacing in PS2 games is often more intrusive than normal interlacing. Standard interlacing effects still seems to be present and probably aren't fixable with hacks (I don't know for sure). The problem is that developers often added in additional intrusive layers of interlacing as well. Making PS2 games look even more excessively blurry even on high resolutions, either that or you have to tolerate severe vertical screen shaking. These codes fix that extra layer, removing the shaking and eliminating the need for PCSX2's deinterlacing filter.

You can see in the Sly comparison images above how this cheat improves image quality. But believe me, the improvement is even more pronounced in motion.
System- Custom Build
CPU- Intel Core i5 4670K @4.2ghz
Memory- 8GB DDR3
Video Card- EVGA Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB
OS- Windows 10 Pro x64

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