No text in txr drift 2
hey. I didn't know whether or not to make a new thread or not, sorry if this annoys anyone.

I'm having trouble with tokyo xtreme racer drift 2. Everything works fine except that there is no text at all.

Anyone know a fix for this? I'm running pcsx2 0.9.6

[Image: fgdfgdfdfgdfgdfdfg.png]

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PC specs? What settings?

Try a (Software) renderer in GSdx. Try the latest beta:
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try the latest beta perhaps?
I'm using the latest beta and having this problem as well. Tried software render and it didn't do anything. I'm also getting this weird screen shake where it bounces up and down really fast but in a very small movement. Any idea how to fix that? It's driving me bonkers.
F5 (a search would give you like 20 results with the same question answered)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I guess my search skills are made of fail because I looked and didn't find it. Sad

Well now that I know it's there I will redouble my efforts.

EDIT: OOHHH you were talking about the screen jiggle. I wasn't too worried about that I was more worried about figuring out the no text problem.
its okay, issue has been resolved. I used a different iso, seemed to fix the problem.

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