Nvidia Shield and PCSX2?

I am attempting to play this wonderful emulator on my Nvidia Shield Portable. I just spent 2 hours in live chat with Nvidia only for them to tell me they don't support this app. Duh.

Anyway, here's the problem. I'm able to add the game to Geforce Experience just fine, it shows up and everything seems to be smooth. I start the game directly from my Portable, and the game boots up fine and all that. However, after a little while, the game starts to lag on the Portable, the device shows me a weak signal connection, the audio gets choppy and ultimately the gamestream disconnects. Of course, nothing of the sort is happening on my TV screen, but the device disconnects. Sometimes I'm able to reconnect only for it to happen again after awhile, other times it won't let me reconnect.

I know I am close to getting this emulator working on my Portable since it DOES work, but what could the issue be of the random disconnects? I've tried a LOT of troubleshooting with Nvidia and nothing has really seemed to help, so I'm wondering if there is some setting or configuration option in the emulator itself that would make it work better!


- Fluent

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Just to clarify: you run pcsx2 on an android device using some virtualization layer or you run pcsx2 on a windows desktop/server and stream the video output on your tablet?
PCSX2 is neither an android app or usable via an arm platform. Are you using some kind of windows emulator?

Or perhaps are you using Nvidia's streaming from a PC?
Yes, I'm using Nvidia's gamestreaming. I am streaming the emulator from my PC to the tablet. It works fine, except for the fact that the connection drops at random points. I'm not sure what is causing the random connection drop and I got nowhere with Nvidia, so I was hoping someone here could understand why that is happening.
Do other games stream without issue?
(10-30-2015, 03:12 PM)FlatOut Wrote: Do other games stream without issue?


I've also tried Moonlight to stream and the same issue happens. The weird thing is, it seems to work ok if I am sitting directly in front of my router (a Cisco DCP3941T that Comcast provided me). However, if I move out of the room or to the other side of the room, the device claims the gamestream connection is very weak and ultimately it disconnects. However, my actual wi-fi on my device is unaffected and showing full bars. Strange. 

I have tried various quality settings to no avail. I've tried many different settings and as soon as I move slightly away from the router, it disconnects.
Okay, in further testing, NO, other games do not work either. The connection drops when I move out of my room where the router is.
So, it's an issue of not having good range on your router.
[Image: gmYzFII.png]
[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
Seems to be either an issue with your router or your Shields wifi adapter.

Edit: Or your PC's connection.
I don't know. I'm a bit stumped trying to figure this out. I've tried manually forwarding ports on my router, resetting my router, using it in Bridge Mode with another router...etc. Nothing has worked. And the weirdest thing of all is that the only time the connection works is when I'm sitting one foot away from the router! That is crazy. Even if I go 5 feet away to sit in my recliner, the stream breaks up and I disconnect.

There's got to be some simple solution to this that I'm not seeing. Has anyone here ever posted about using the Shield with PCSX2? I've searched countless times on Google for my issue but I don't seem to see much solid advice or a solution. Sad

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