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Okami crashes after battle
Hi! I have a problem with Okami on pcsx2. I've played about 4 hours in the game and everything have been working perfect. Suddenly after I won a Demon-Gate battle, and the smoke/wall is going to disappear, the game lags and then crashes (cinematic movie is supposed to come after).

Anyone have a solution? It worked all the other times until now

I use 0.9.6 with GSdx9 0.11.4 (with everything except "wait vsync" and "enable tv-out" on)

Please help, I really wanna continue the game!!!

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I've finished the game on PCSX2, so you're doing something wrong. Are you using speed hacks? What other plugins are you using?
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Your GSdx version is too old,try the newest.
[Image: 01.jpg]

[Image: 02.jpg]

Here are my plugins, I used speedhack x2. Gonna try new GSdx
Disable all speed hacks and use SPU2-X instead of Peops SPU2
[Image: newsig.jpg]
(11-01-2009, 05:27 PM)Bositman Wrote: Disable all speed hacks and use SPU2-X instead of Peops SPU2

It worked but then again, I've tried different combinations of plugins were it worked on one gate, but not the next. Gonna try to find another gate to try if it works.
The music lags like never before tho.

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