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Overbloom issues with Yakuza 1 & 2
(04-27-2013, 07:25 PM)Nishi No Houou Wrote: I still got the issues with 1x or 2x. Only native resolution or software mode seems to work without the overbloom issues unfortunately.
I wrote a mistake. Native resolution has overbloom bugs. Any resolution through Hardware mode got it.

Only software mode works right.

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Known Issues
Semi transparent line in the middle of the screen
*. Type: Graphical issue (PCSX2 r5423, GSdx r5412)
*. Affected Game Versions: All
*. Description: A semi transparent whitish lineappears in the middle of the screen. Not very disturbing, because it's a very thin line and more or less transparent. Most of the time you will probably not notice it.
*. Solution: You can use software mode to getit away.
*. Type: Graphical issue (PCSX2 r5423, GSdx r5412)
*. Affected Game Versions: All
*. Description: In some areas of the game the character models, neon signs, etc. will have a ghosting like effect.
*. Solution: Half-pixel Offset fixes it, but sadly it also exaggerates the above mentioned line problem (a second line appears across the screen, line colour will turn black).

(04-27-2013, 05:55 PM)Nishi No Houou Wrote: Those games have overbloom issues on light scenes.

As you can see on the screens I've linked below, light sources are abnormally lit and jerky.

The first ones are through software mode assuming that is same as PS2 original game.

The second ones is through hardware mode while I got the issues.

Screen 1:

Screen 2:

Screen 3:

Screen 4:

Screen 5:

Settings used are by default. Resolution 6x native.
I used TC Offset hack ( 500 for both ) but it doesn't matter. ( The bug is still there without )

Any way to fix that ?
I got the same problem playing the game through DX11.

The emulator removes all blurriness from the original game so it's a very good point. But on other hand, in some areas of the game, light sources like jewels, lamps... are ugly unfortunately.

Actually there has really no way to fix this ?

I notice that through DX9, overbloom issues and jerky light sources disappear.

But the graphics under DX9 lose a lot of his details. The game would look a lot much better through DX11 without those overbloom issues.

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