PCSX2 1.0.0 issues/Legaia 2 issue
So PCSX2 1.0.0 is causing a lot of problems for me (ever since I updated from 0.9.6) in that every time I hit a button, for example the save state button, it crashed - sometimes it will crash as soon as I hit run cdvd.
I am trying to play Legaia 2 on it and when it does run, it feels extremely laggy for the majority.

Specs are:
CPU - quad core 3.2ghz
Ram - 4gb
Graphics - Nvidia GEforce 9600gt

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Post emulog.txt after the crash...
i immediate invest this one so far nothing problems here including save state button
as FM mentioned post your emulog.txt.
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I spend tons of time making cheats for it without any problem(except that it was slow but that's to be expected considering my pc)and that was on recent rev(not the newest one but the one I used wasn't much different than the newest one(including 1.0.0))
After a reboot of my system the crashes have stopped, so I guess it means I had another program open which somehow caused some interference, I can still post the log if you like, however the game is still very laggy and I have noticed that my CPU and RAM are under very little strain with my cpu sitting around 30% usage and my ram at about 50% (this is with multiple chrome and firefox tabs open, as well as skype).
What are your pcsx2,SPU2-X and GSdx Settings and are you playing from image or the disk.

Also you can check this thread,maybe you have the same or similar problem caused by the same thing
What are your pcsx2,SPU2-X and GSdx Settings and are you playing from image or the disk.

It is the image, firstly.
As for my pcsx2 - the only thing I have changed is I allowed MTVU in the speedhacks.
I am using SPU2-X r5324 2.0.0 and I have changed one setting to allow timestretch so the music is less jagged when there is lag.
For GSDx I am using the SSE41 version, and I have changed it to the directx3d10 (hardware) as I have a direct x 10 capable card. I haven't played around with too much in fear of breaking it.
On another note, I did figure out what the crashing error was, I was attemtping to use a plugin called xpad which was the cause of my crashes - I did test this to, to be sure.
The MTVU setting did seem to make a difference in my the FPS lag, although still laggy it is a large improvement. My low FPS is now only as low as 28-35 where as it was 10-20, my high being around the 60's. The only problem is that in every cutscene the low fps happens, but I can play ffxii without a problem; it's not so much a problem now that I can bare the 30fps but still a slight annoyance. At the least, I can play my game now - my cousin snapped my disk when I was only 10 hours in (luckily, I made a backup). =)
I have legaia 2 and using 1.0 version of pcsx2 but the save state do not crash in my system

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