PCSX2 1.4.0 Kingdom Hearts Render is cropped
Kingdom Hearts render is being cropped.
I have tried adjusting all settings, modes, aspect ratios and resolutions as well as adjusting zooms and trying with & without the widescreen patches. 
Nothing seems to be able to stop this.

Below is a screen shot with the zoom adjusted to show that the render is being cropped instead of just running off the visible area.

I am using all the stock plugins supplied with PCSX2 1.4.0 

CPU - AMD Athlon II X4 645  3.10 ghz
GPU - ATI Radeon HD 5570 1gb
RAM - 6gb

[img][Image: KH_ScreenShot_zpsz9eymflo.jpg][/img]
[Image: KH_ScreenShot_zpsz9eymflo.jpg]

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Heh,I guess I learned something new(no idea why would anyone want to save the current zoom mode)
Ctrl + NumPad+ is zoom in
Ctrl + NumPad- is zoom out
Ctrl + NumPad* is zoom reset
vsub: I used Ctrl + NumPad hotkeys to zoom in & out for the screenshot, it's a pretty nifty feature. =)
Are you loading a memory card save or save state?
(08-05-2018, 01:00 AM)vsub Wrote: Are you loading a memory card save or save state?

I'm loading from the memory card.
Fixed my issue! =)
After testing all config possibilities and different tv/monitors in case it was a resolution problem I found that it was actually a problem with the renderers supplied with 1.4, so I took the older GSD from PCSX2 1.2 and added it to 1.4 and the renders are no longer cropped! WOOT!!!!!! Game on =)
Did you tried the GSdx from 1.4.0 after deleting the GSdx.ini from the inis folder.
So I was wrong kinda. rolling back to the older 1.2 GSD fixed my other games cropping issues, but for some reason Kingdom hearts is still cropped.
I haven't tried deleting GSDx.ini, I will try that.
Well I just looked in the INI folder and there isn't one for GSDx, just gsnull & SPU2-X.

I also tried running kingdom hearts in the 1.2 version and it is also cropping.
I tried a diff version of Kingdom hearts and it's the same story.
Try updating to 1.5.0, click the link in my signature

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