PCSX2 Cycle Skip doesn't work in Hardcore mode (RetroAchievements)
I've noticed that Cycle Skip doesn't work in Hardcore mode, only in Softcore. Someone knows the reason behind this? Only thing i found was that Hardcore disables slowdown functions but i dunno if this has something to do with Cycle Skip. It's a bummer since i can get 30\60 FPS just fine with it on but it doesn't work in HC mode...

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most "hacks" won't work in hardcore mode, to make sure you play the game "the original way"
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Yeah, i suspected that was the case. There's something ironic about it though. When i was playing the Crash Wrath of Cortex set, not being able to use speedhacks actually make things easier for me since i own a weak laptop. Thing is, the game runs at 50-40 FPS and drops to 30-40 FPS in many parts, making the Time Trial relics easier to obtain. So, in this case, speedhacks would "correct" the difficulty since the game would run at full speed.

Anyway, i will probably use Softcore for slower games then. Thanks for the help, sir!

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