PCSX2 V 0.9.8 Set up problems plz help
I have downloaded v 0.9.8 and it runs but is very slow the music and sound is very slow i wondered if its my pc or i may have configured it wrong, i have a attached my pc specs used from everest to create a report hope this helps further thanks guys Smile

The game im trying to play is ace combat 4 using an iso format

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Your PC is very slow so don't expect any kind of playable speeds. Try checking 'native' in the configuration screen of GSdx.
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PC is real slow. Don't expect Miracles on it. Tongue2

Did you try changing the Power plan to high performance? Use Native Resolution. Try Speedhacks.

(phew: I'm tired of writing this same things again and again) Tongue2
Yeah maybe it's time you try to give real support and not just repeat a bunch of things that *might* help. Instead try finding out what the real problem is and suggesting precise things and not some general shots in the dark.
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Yes sir Tongue2

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