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Full Version: PCSX2 V 0.9.8 Set up problems plz help
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I have downloaded v 0.9.8 and it runs but is very slow the music and sound is very slow i wondered if its my pc or i may have configured it wrong, i have a attached my pc specs used from everest to create a report hope this helps further thanks guys Smile

The game im trying to play is ace combat 4 using an iso format
Your PC is very slow so don't expect any kind of playable speeds. Try checking 'native' in the configuration screen of GSdx.
PC is real slow. Don't expect Miracles on it. Tongue2

Did you try changing the Power plan to high performance? Use Native Resolution. Try Speedhacks.

(phew: I'm tired of writing this same things again and again) Tongue2
Yeah maybe it's time you try to give real support and not just repeat a bunch of things that *might* help. Instead try finding out what the real problem is and suggesting precise things and not some general shots in the dark.
Yes sir Tongue2