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PCSX2 - Widescreen Game Patches
Biohazard Oubreak File 2 with widescreen patch On my FAT PS2 the FMVs don't play, black screen and just the audio, while on my Slim PS2 the FMVs perfectly.
PlayStation® 2 System
SCPH-90010, 50001, SCE Modem/Ethernet (Network Adaptor) 

-Vedita BR/V3dita BR, FuryK96/Fury-K96

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Yeah, there are some differences between systems for a few patches. I had a couple of WS patches not work for me, but they were fine for others.

7 Blades


Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Alpha
Dai-3-Ji Super Robot Taisen Alpha - Shuuen no Ginga he
Super Robot Taisen Impact
Super Robot Taisen MX
Super Robot Taisen OG Gaiden (Request)
Super Robot Taisen OG - Original Generations (Request)
The Conveni 4  - A no Machi o Dokusen Seyo

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(07-04-2016, 12:55 PM)arapapa Wrote: PAL

7 Blades
Oh, thanks again!
(07-04-2016, 12:22 AM)Vedita BR II Wrote: Biohazard Oubreak File 2 with widescreen patch On my FAT PS2 the FMVs don't play, black screen and just the audio, while on my Slim PS2 the FMVs perfectly.

Delete the FMV Patch Entry and try to patch the game again, Twisted Metal Black required the deletion of the first entry, which was really only for the PC, and Michigan Report From Hell had to delete entry other than: ntsc/pal/render fix...................................the patch may work on the PS2 FAT, fortunately the patch has the FMV fix abridged into three parts, "delete entry, patch, then test". (Crimson Sea 2's patch results in black screen on the PS2 after widescreen patch, Opening FMV worked fine...most of the patches, Midway Arcade Treasures with Hydro Thunder Patch only, black screen, the sensha also black screen after patching ........... everything else I've tested works on the Fat PS2).

Def Jam - Fight for NY


Dance Summit 2001 - Bust A Move
Death Crimson OX+
Def Jam - Fight for NY
Def Jam - Vendetta
Dennou Senki Virtual-On - Marz
Disney Princess - Mahou no Sekai e
Doko Demo Issyo - Toro to Ippai
Poison Pink (add a 'Text Box Fix')


Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Marz
Disney Princess - Enchanted Journey
Eternal Poison (Request)


Disney Princess - Enchanted Journey
Guncom 2

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Poison Pink (J)(SLPS-25854) (fix a text box)


Text in the bottom text box is not visible. (Maybe it's a PCSX2 bug)

//Text Box Fix
//00009c43 0000803f 000040c2 00000c43 (1st)
patch=1,EE,0055278c,word,43c00000 //439c0000

//0000b042 0080cf43 (1st)
patch=1,EE,00552768,word,42c00000 //42b00000
patch=1,EE,0055276c,word,00000000  //43cf8000

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.pnach   F7786EE4.pnach (Size: 1.001 bytes / Downloads: 387)
Patches which i made:

ATV Offroad Fury 2 (PAL & NTSC-U)                                  Cars (PAL-Spain)


Cars Mater-National Championship (PAL-M4 & NTSC-U)         Conflict Desert Storm (PAL)


Destruction Derby Arenas (PAL)                                        Gretzky NHL 06 (NTSC-U)


Jet Ski Riders (PAL)                                                         Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer (PAL & NTSC-U) 
                                                                                  The NTSC-U version have more accurate value than the one of the archive.

LEGO Batman: The Videogame (PAL)                                  LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (PAL)


Marvel Super Hero Squad (PAL)                                         The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (PAL-Spain)


Best regards.

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.rar   El_PatasWide_PS2.rar (Size: 6,59 KB / Downloads: 90)
(07-09-2016, 12:27 PM)El_Patas Wrote: Patches which i made:
Good Job~!!!! Laugh


Dragon Shadow Spell

Dragon Shadow Spell (2D characters X-FOV  and X-Fov 3D battle)
(It is personally my favorite game Laugh)

Adjusted 2D characters Position

**** Added (11/07) ****

2D Characters X-Position (Chapter 2: In the Hallway of Phantom Ship)
2D Characters X-Fov (Chapter 2: In the Hallway of Phantom Ship)

**** Added (11/07) ****
Fixed 2D Characters's Shadow  when conversation at the Deck

**** Added  (13/07) ****
(Chapter 7) Fixed a Background Picture of Meihensu(メイヘンス) Area 51'

**** Added  (15/07) ****
2D Characters Position (Chapter 8: After Earthquake in the RA's Pyramid Garden)


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.zip (Size: 8,16 KB / Downloads: 67)
Nice one for the Dragon Shadow Spell, i love this tactical/strategy RPG's Smile but too bad this one is only in japanese language.

Any chance with this games?

Simple 2000 Series Vol. 78: The Uchuu Daisensou (NTSC-J)
Penny Racers (PAL)

Best regards.

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