PCSX2 frame rate issue Ace Combat 5+6
I recently installed PCSX2, made my own isos, and booted up to find that 2 games, Ace Combat 5 and 6 which are supposed to work, will have wildly fluctuating framerates from 15 -60 over 15 secs and have movies that freeze the game. That was on 9.7 with slightly modified plugin settings. I based them on a previous post until I realized that his problem was with all games. On 9.8, it had a nice flat framerate of 15-20. On the other hand, Smugglers Run works perfectly fine, on 9.7, albeit some car sounds. I have a x64 bit windows 7 Pro with intel xenon quad 2.8 ghz processors, 6 gb of ram, Nvidia Quadro Fx 1800 video. I will post pictures soon, but I am hungry now. After dinner, ~30 min.

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First off, you do realize that PCSX2 will only really utilize 2 of your cores, right? That being said, 2.8Ghz can be slow for some games. Apparently, Smugglers Run seems much easier to emulate (at a good speed) than Ace Combat.

Are you using Speedhacks? Have you tried lowering the resolution? Have you checked the performance in Software mode?

Also, posting your PCSX2 settings may help.

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