PERFECT games list?
Anyone feel like starting up a perfect games list? aka - games that run through pretty much as it would in the ps2, without any/many graphical errors, or at least none that are deal breaking (bunch of things on screen jumbled etc), and that run at playable framerate on a medium to high end system (around 40+ fps, excluding occasional drops or small scenarios with large drops).

reason being many games considered "playable" are barely playable, sometimes with graphical anomalies just flying everywhere in your way, not that im knocking dev teams for not running through all of these 20 hour+ games.

i guess i'll start with the obvious ones:
Disgaea (or pretty much all 2D sprite based atlus games, don't hold me on that though)
Suikoden 3 (requires a VERY good computer, not 100% sure on this as I haven't finished it but the beginning seems to work with very few graphical errors)

thinking about buying god hand and testing it after playing it through on my ps2.

edit 1:
yeah you guys are right when you say that no game is perfect, but I guess my definition of perfect when discussing emulation would be:
-no game/story killing glitches (polygons all over the place during a cutscene/video etc) although glitching is almost always part of the territory when it comes to emulation
-smooth gameplay by any means (speedhacks etc), i.e. enough framerate to get through it without having to wait for frames with each step, oh and with sound!
-able to finish the game by any means such as using save states at certain points in case of random crashes.

i think these criteria fit for "perfect", as the only limitation would be the speed of current technology for these titles. I'm not quite sure how to organize this list without it being just a huge mess, as everyones specs greatly differs. if anyone more organized, and active (this is my thread and this is the first time ive been back on my comp lol) can think of a way to set this up that would be great.

edit 2:
i think i should just start a new thread with specific guidelines for posting, since we're kind of just posting things at random in this thread. here's a quick list that I just came up with, parenthesized words excluded of course:

(this is considering all official "Speed" settings such as MTGS are turned on, and iso is dumped for faster disc access)
EXTRA SETTINGS FOR SPEED/REQUIRED (i.e custom patches and certain speedhacks enabled):

anything else?

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Well if you mean they run with stock speed dual cores starting at 2.4GHz why not... But because if I report here my games that run well on my rig they probably won't run well with others rig.
I would prefer not a performance list but rather a playthrough list. Means a list with games which are playable and can be finished without problems. Because it is useless if you can play a game with 100FPS but the emulator fails at 80% of the game and then you have to stop. With such a list people would know which games they can play completely on PCSX2.
Of course the list can also include information about performance and if a game is playable at all. I would start such a list but so far I only played 3 game 100% through with PCSX2 which are FF-X to FFXII. Also the thread creator should link to the games post in the thread in his first post.
Raptor, Kingdom Hearts - i finished them both on AMD 3800+ almost without FPS issues.
(12-25-2008, 03:51 PM)tenow Wrote: Raptor, Kingdom Hearts - i finished them both on AMD 3800+ almost without FPS issues.

Can U share what u computer specs to us? I think that's amazing, using AMD 3800+ rig to play PS2.

Sry, I ment AMD x2 3800+@2348MHz (as much as i could overclock it). BTW Raptor is playable even on 1 core CPU.
(12-25-2008, 10:55 AM)techniqu Wrote: thinking about buying god hand and testing it after playing it through on my ps2.

I finished God Hand just the other day; I would say it belongs on the Perfect List. On my e8400 @ stock speed and 9800 GTX+ I never got a single crash or slow down, except for a ~5-10 fps drop when entering the Casino. Otherwise its full speed.
The games I finished on (various versions of) PCSX2 are FFX (that was back when I had an X2 4200+ with 6600GT), Atelier Iris Eternal Mana and Azoth of Destiny, Ar Tonelico, Tales of the Abyss (these were mostly played on QX6700 with 7900GT and 9600GT). I'm also part way through Atelier Iris Grand Phantasm, Mana Khemia (both using savestates, since saving to memory card doesn't work), Shin Megami Tensei, FFX-2, FFXII.
yea kingdom hearts also works on pcsx2 emulator sad that kingdom hearts 2 doesnt run as well...
How about asking people a list and divide it into three categories (rig, games, personal note). This time would be good to forget the configuration list, right? Here is an example of what I thought:

Setup: 3.92ghz E8400, R4780, 4gig, latest available playground version.

-Final Fantasy X - International
-Final Fantasy XII
-Kingdom Hearts
-Kingdom Hearts II
-Disgaea 2
-Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne
-Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3
-Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
-Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga
-Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2
-Suikoden III
-Shadow Of The Colossus
-Front Mission 4
-Xenosaga I
-Xenosaga III

Personal Note: These games work more or less perfectly, with minor graphical glitches which only hinder the overall gaming experience, but not the actual gameplay experience. All listed games are US version.

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