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PS2 Renamer Tool v1
I just wanted to share the tool that I have created to rename the PS2 Game file from Game ID to Game Title.
 example: SLES-54604.iso => !Que Pasa Neng.iso
  • This tool renames PS2 Game files from Game ID to Game Title.

  • This tool is only for .ISO and .BIN format (zip files are unsupported).

  • This tool might failed to rename some files, that means the tool cannot find the Game ID from the 'Main List'. If that is the case, search the Game ID on 'PAL' or 'NTSC-U' tab then rename it manually.

  • This tool might take a while, It depends on how many files you have.

  • This tool might show "Not Responding" and that is normal, just wait for the Message Box "Done".

  • Once Started, you can't cancel it.
Disclaimer: The Game list are not mine.

Attached Files
.rar   PS2 - Game ID to Game Title.rar (Size: 502,73 KB / Downloads: 61)

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Sorry, but... What's the point of this ? Can't you just name your iso when you sum it from your DVD ?
The rename the file the way you want if you change your mind using F2 ?
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