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PS2Classics_GUI (can't find)
so the place where I originally got it is gone (used it to import saves from my ps3 version of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, to my ps2 version I ordered off amazon), completely, and I tried searching the forum globally if there was a thread that contained a .zip file with it, but no dice

I got a backup of it on a cd (along with my other ps2 related tools, most of them code converters for pnach cheats and such), but does anyone know where I can get this program if everything else SNAFU's

I tried Bing, google, and even yahoo, but no dice
Now go help me flame these zombies to canada

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I don't know how exactly did you search "Bing, google, and even yahoo" but I find it on my first try,it's even the first result in google(I used "PS2Classics_GUI" as searching text)

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