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PS3 "HD" remakes" of PS2 games compatibility
They took the old source code and art assets and improved on it.
Then they recompiled everything for the PS3.
Of there's new art (textures) on the disk, a modded GSdx could be created to use this, just like
ppsspp did with that one game.
That's all theoretical of course Wink

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(02-06-2014, 11:34 AM)Bositman Wrote: So no, in fact this is just a PSP game running on a PSP emulator Tongue

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver is a PS3 game (A port from the PSP that is..) From what I read this one was able to run in the PSP emulator and not the PSP variant. How is the PS3 version not a "real" PS3 title?

As far as I know FFX HD has not been emulated. I just posted it as examples of "HD" remakes for the PS3. (can we consider this as a "real" PS3 game then?) Sorry if this let to confusion Blush
(02-06-2014, 12:39 PM)oraclex Wrote: How is the PS3 version not a "real" PS3 title?

well, that comes from PPSSPP forums :
Quote:4Q. Is this a "real" PS3 game?
4A. No, it's a PSP game designed to run in an emulator which can have larger texture sizes, as well as more system RAM. By allowing for these in PPSSPP, we can run these HD Remasters with little hassle.
we didn't invent this.
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Thanks for the info guys Smile
Then lets see what the future holds

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