PS5 Controller Help
Hey guys, so i'm noticing a smaaall issue with trying to use a PS5 controller

When i move up, down, left and right, it works fine, but when its at an angle, it acts like a light push

An example is in Kingdom Hearts (where i first noticed this issue) where if i move up, Sora runs just fine, but if i move up and LEFT at the same time, he starts to walk instead

I'm using a PS5 controller (as its the only Playstation controller i own at the moment)

Any fixes?

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We recommend with any kind of Playstation controller that you use a compatibility software to convert it from its native mode to Xinput. Currently, Steam is the best option I can think of that would support the Dual Sense at this time. The reason it kind of works but not quite is because the Dual Sense and older Sony controllers like the Dualshock 4 do not officially support any Windows compatible input standards. Windows is able to (poorly) stitch something together based on what the controller sends in but you get a mess of both Xinput and DirectInput at the same time, and both of them end up working really poorly.

This thread should have all the info you need to get it set up in Steam:
From what i heard even in steam it's not fully acting correctly. Yikes. Hope that will get fixed in near future.
They've mostly fully supported it around early December, I've tried again following the updates, and I still have the issue, I'll look into a compatibility software, thank you

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