Patches (weird crc)
I have been trying to do cheats for ffxii. I know the crc should be 0779FBDB but pcsx2 is saying it is 0x0779FBDB. I have tried both but it doesn't seem to find the cheats. They are in my cheats folder but it won't find it.

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The crc is without the 0x part so it's the same..just don't add 0x when setting the name for the pnach file
I have tried it without that. it still says no hceats found. resuming execution without cheats...

And you are not saving the file as 0779FBDB.pnach but it's actually txt file(this will save the file as 0779FBDB.pnach.txt which is wrong)?
Also not running pcsx2 from Program Files

When saving the pnach file,use File=>Save as=>from Save as type: choose All Files and then use 0779FBDB.pnach
found out why it wasn't working thanks.

I had put the file in the wrong pcsx2 directory.

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