Pcsx2 + Swap Magic 3.8 Codes
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forgive for my English Bing Translate Blush

Here I bring this .elf which works very well with Pcsx2. Cool

a video with
Tekken Tag Tournament: [P1 Max Energy]-[P2 1 hit ko]
Crash Bandicoot "4": [Invincibility On/Off L2-R2]-[99 Lives]-[Open Up All Areas]

To add games that do not are in the Version Swap Magic 3.8 Plus.elf

1 Go to http://www.codejunkies.com/ we chose our area of the
Game [Usa-Canada/Rest Of World] click the above with the white arrow.

[Image: jv0xmp.jpg]

2 Click Saves & Codes in the search engine enter the name of the game [Ejemp:Tekken 5].

[Image: opurr.jpg]

3 Open [Max Converter 0.71] in the left Input copy the Codec [AR MAX] mark
Compact, in the right Output Select [AR2v1/GS2v1] (this is valid for S.M.3_8)
and you give to [Convert] arrow black.this would be the Mastercode in S.M. 3_8 for Tekken 5 Pal.

[Image: 2i7of38.jpg]

[Image: wlaovt.jpg]

[Image: 2j1pnp0.jpg]

[Image: iqg8ra.jpg]

4 to add any game and your Codec in the S.M.3_8 will leave a window to save
These changes in the Memory Card 1 or 2 where actually prefer.

[Image: 34g4kzl.jpg]

PD: S.M 3_8 = Swap Magic 3.8 Plus.elf

enjoy people Biggrin

Here Link
*which has been removed*

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Yes,and doing all that is easier\faster than opening notepad,paste some codes and save a file right.
BTW better remove those links,they are against the rules here
beat him to it. Next time ill be giving out a warning, please read the rules.
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'perfect' only pretended help it seems that here can not post
already is how dare you watch the video on youtube.

You can delete the theme if you want.bye
You can post here, just only if it is illegal you cannot post it. If you just want the emulator for piracy then we don't really want you here.
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