Pcsx2 on PS3
Well, I've been trying to use pcsx2 on my computer, but my cpu is not very high, so I can't play games with enough fps. I wonder is there a pcsx2 developement for ps3?

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only for x86 architectures
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there was a third party version of pcsx2 ported to ps3....
There was? when? where? any links? Tongue2
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hmm can't remember, it was a fair while back now (ngemu days).
This one squall?
"Ported"? The x86 and the Cell Broadband is absolutely two different things. Did you mean "rewrite every line of code" instead of "porting"?
Well unless they are writing in assembly you just need a CBE compiler for c++ and to rewrite the graphics plugin in a compatible version of OpenGL so it's not a complete code rewrite to port. Barring some libraries that might not be available however to make it work at any useable levels will be a heavy rewrite especially the recompiler for Cell.
would it work well though (at good speeds) if it was made to work on the ps3? What are the ps3 specs anyway (is it a dual core, a quad core etc.) and what are the GHz on its processor?
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As is no. Without using the SPEs you just got an in order 3.2GHZ single core CPU. And I think rama said they recompilers use a lot of SSE so its more than simple recompile. Too bad we can't use Sony's near perfect EE emulalor already on there. Maybe if we ask Kutaragi nicely. Smile

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