Pcsx2 patch finder
Is there a patch finder in 0.97? Because in 0.96 it has.

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No,that feature is still not added in pcsx2 but since pcsx2-r4029,cheating using external cheating program is extremely easy because the address you find in your cheating program is the same on pcsx2(you don't need to calculate anything anymore)if you use the patch finder.
i see. I konw this is out of topic but i dont want to open another thread to ask a silly question.
Since i used to use pcsx2 0.96, can i transfer the memory game i saved in96 to 97 by copying the files in mem card?
Yes,you can either copy your 0.9.6 card into the 0.9.7 memcards folder or export your save and import them into the 0.9.7 cards by using mymc
btw where is the saved file( pressing f1) and and the one u save like ps2 file? Which folder holds them and what is the file's name?
F1 - sstates folder but those saves wont work on 0.9.7(save states created by 0.9.6 wont work on 0.9.7)
Memory Card saves - memcards folder(the file inside is a memory card with your saves)

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