Persona 4 rainbow floor glitch
I need help fixing the floor glitch in P4.
I've read all the threads on this and other forums about it, and I haven't found a fix that works for the newest verison.
I've tried tweaking every setting in pcsx2 and every GSdx there is. Right now I'm using GSdx 4600 SSSE3 0.1.16 which I belive is the newest.

I'm using Pcsx2 0.9.8 set to DX11 Hardware. 2x native scaling and texture filtering. I've tried automatic gamefixes and manual P4 fix.
DX9 fixes it, but creates a bunch of other problems, flickering polygons, missing shadows etc. so that's no good.

Help please.

[Image: 0OAvf.png]

[Image: 5Yyle.png]

[Image: kgva0.png]

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Do you have AA enabled by any chance?
Could you post your PCSX2 and GSdx settings?
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Yeah that but was fixed ages ago unless there is a regression. I know there has been a slight one in there noticeable at the beginning for a while but haven't seen hat full blown effect for a while.
I'd say it's likely AA is enabled by default, but there is no setting for changing that in DX11. And I have no DX10 option, it's DX11 or DX9 I can choose between.
Should I download an older version of GSdx2 with DX10 modes perhaps?

Everything is default settings, except I use superVU compiler, but I tried using the normal one there too, didn't change anything.
Also, when I switched to an older GSdx2 version the language changed to Swedish, dunno why, don't know how to change it back. But I speak it so it's not really the end of the world.

My P4 version is NTSC and I've tried using all the different BIOS but they don't change anything.

[Image: iMjj4.png]

[Image: yiyjd.png]

[Image: pVotJ.png]
Ekhem *is looking at the bioses* you have a lots of ps2 in the house, oh you even bought 2 european ps2. (;P)
he even has the first generation japanese bios XD
Heh, I own one of each region's PS2 so I can play their games and modified them each later to rip the BiOS off, especially because they all cost like $20 (minus the cost to import).

This guy could have done something similar, although since he lives in Europe so he bought a fat Euro PS2 originally (v 1.60) and then a slimmer PS2 (v 2.00).
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I have everything...
Yes, I'm hardcore. However that doesn't fix my rainbow floors. ;D
I tried downloading older versions of the GSdx9, GSdx10, and GSdx plugins, and they only made the problem worse and crashed the game. Probably not compatible with the rest of 0.9.8

If anyone here is able to play it without graphical issues please tell me which Pcsx2 version you're using and what settings, and I'll try using that and see if it solves my problem.
If you are using SuperVU then tick the gamefix for persona games.
Also, you have 4 PS2's surely you can use one of them to play the game.
i have 4 PS2's too but i still couldn't find a japanese v1.00 one.
I did tick the gamefix, I also tried unticking it and ticking automatic gamefix, neither works.

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