Please Upgrade DirectX Error (i've got directx 9)
Hi, I have a problem.

This is what happens when i try to run a game:

[Image: put1.png]

Then, i press NO, and this is what happens:

[Image: put2.png]

But, I have Directx 9, so i dont know what happens.

[Image: put3.png]
[Image: put35.png]

Windows XP
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.40 GHz
3 Gb RAM
GPU: GeForce 8600 GT
Hard Drive: 500 Gb

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That message has nothing to do with that you have dx9. It means that you need to update your dx runtime files.

So when that message comes again, just press the yes button and download those files, install them and then play your game.
Doesnt matte you have dx9 ..its being updated all the time .. theres march 2009 version of it, now we have september 2009 version and u need that
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Nice torrent you've downloaded
*sigh* vsub is right. It's pretty obvious on one of the pics that you're using some downloaded iso and according to rule #1 we will not give you any support for pirated games.
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