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Please teach me how to transfer saves from my PS2 memory card to PCSX2
It turned out that the USB port on my old PS2 is faulty, it recognizes flash drives but won't read/write properly, I put a save downloaded from GameFAQs in the flash drive and CodeBreaker still said there's nothing

Then I plugged it to the other USB port, and everything was copied just fine.

Now all my efforts shooting the little green frogs in MGS3 are saved Laugh

Thank you for helping. Your rep has been boosted to 99 Smile
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I'm Lv 99 now Tongue2
If you can install FMCB,you won't be needing codebreaker will be able to backup\restore your saves without any diskss

Here how to install it by using CodeBreaker
Can I use CB with PCSX2? My PS2 is half dead
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