Possible to assign speed-up button?
is it possible to assign a speed-up button to PCSX2? like when i press i.e L2, the game runs double so fast and when i drop holding the button, it returns to normal speed... is that possible?

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You mean because games are slow?
I guess he means a "fast forward" feature like the ones you can find in other emus.
AFAIK, those are basically on-demand frameskips.

Using the F4 key will activate frameskip, but I doubt you can remap it.
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There is no way to assign a button for this(as far as I know)using any of the pcsx2 controller plugins but if your pc can actually achieve double speed with frame limiter off you can do this:
Go to Config=>Emulation Settings=>GS=>make sure that "Disable Frame limiting" is not enabled and set in the Turbo Adjust box 200%.
This way when you press the tab button on your keyboard,the speed will become twice the normal speed
vsub: aha! thanks for that! i did that and that worked out nicely! much appriciated!

so it's not possible to remap the tab-button to a joypad-button?
With pcsx2 only,I think you can't but with some external program it is possible.
For example with the software of my gamepad(Logitech)I can control anything that I can control with the keyboard and mouse.
So I'm bringing back this old thread. Just curious if any of the developers could possibly add the ability to rebind the turbo TAB key. Ideally, it would be great to also be able to bind it to a joystick button through LilyPad and such.

For now I just use Joytokey.exe (just google that to find it) which makes it very easy to do (run the app, pick your joystick key, hit TAB to bind), but it would be nice to not have to run this external app. Anyway, awesome emulator! Thank you.

This seems to be a feature now. If you head into config->controllers->plugin settings....at the bottom there will be a little checkbox beside L3 toggles turbo. Checking this will enable you to use turbo with the controller.
Did you check the date of the last post...it's almost 4 years old.
And if I remember correctly,that feature is there from long time ago.
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