Problem with Autoconfiq / Autoboot
Hello again (some admin delete my previous post to avoid useless spamming)

I red the guide about Auto-Boot and Pre-Configure Games Separately (

I did everything and made a TARGET path :

"C:\Games\PS2 Emulator\pcsx2-r4600.exe" "C:\Games\Ps2 Games\God Of War.iso"--cfgpath="C:\Games\PS2 Emulator\Inis Files\GoD-Inis"

which includes the pcsx2.exe , the iso , and my INI files .

when i run PCsx2 for this game ( GOW for example now) i get a error about :

CDVD plugin failed to open.
so i press ok , Plugin Confiq window appears , i just press OK
----> Boot CDVD (fast) ---> ( It makes find the location of the ISO) ---> OK and the game starts

If i remove the INIS LOCATION from TARGET , the game works w/o a CDVD plugin error .

any help ?

thx Sincerely !

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Add space between "God Of War.iso" and "--cfgpath="
i ll cry

Thx a lot mate Smile

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