Problems with Controller in PCSX2 V1.7
I have an inalambric controller brand Unitec, the controller works fine in pc (Exept that for some reason Windows don't detect vibration) and many emulators that I use.
Problem is that when I try to use it with the latest version of PCSX2 (1.7.4118) I have problems.
The emulator gives you 3 options:
SDL input, with this option, as soon as I activate it, it disconects my controller, or if it was activated last time, it disconects the controller as soon as I open the emulator, then reconects it again and I can use it in the emulator, problem is that it let the controller useless to any other thing that don't be the ps2 emulator unless that I reconect the controller, and I ovbiously don't want to do the same process every time I open the emulator.
XInput: This is for xbox controllers, it doesn't detects my controller.
DInput (Direct input): I can use this, but it doesn't work with games, I mean, the direction commands are a mess, i tested with Megaman X Command Mission and Resident Evil 4, but is as if the controller is malfunctioning so I can't move my character at will.
I use some other emulators and pc games and none of them are giving me this problem.
I checked about it on internet where I got the advice of reinstall the Controller Driver, but it didn't work.
So, even when the most viable way is to use SDL, I want to know if it's possible that it don't damage the performance of the controller in general.

How Windows read the controller normally

How Windows read the controller after activate SDL input

Mi pc have Procesor AMD Ryzen 5 5600G with radeon graphics 3.90GHz and I use Windows 10 and the games are Isos.

Edit: This even weirder now, I reconected the controller with the emulator opened, and now windows says that there are 2 controllers conected, the emulator says that there are 3. And for some reason if I push the analog button (my controller looks like a ps2 one) the website where I am puts in white, as if I opened a new internet window.

Edit 2: I still don't find a solution, but I want to say something more, I checked the other emulators and some of them use SDL imput as well, so it's not the pc, definitely is this emulator.

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Has anyone answered this question yet? I also have this problem and don't know how to fix it.
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